Baskets & Trays

Take a Break Basket

Cinnamon Creme Cake, sweet crisps, pretzel toasts, brownie bites, cookie bites, dried fruit and nuts, grapes and strawberries.

$50.00 - $80.00
Fresh Vegetable Basket

An assortment of seasonal vegetables served with avocado ranch.

$45.00 - $70.00
Cheese & Fruit Tray

An assortment of imported and domestic cheeses and seasonal fresh fruit. Served with freshly baked breads and crisps.

$60.00 - $90.00
Fresh Fruit Tray

Slices of cantaloupe, oranges and pineapple, with red grapes, blueberries and strawberries.

$40.00 - $70.00
Fresh Fruit Medley

A bowl of freshly cut seasonal fruits including grapes, pineapple and melon.

$30.00 - $50.00

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